Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Tiff That Backfired

Today, I did not communicate well enough to my wife about lunch. She expected me home around 3:00 pm and I did not show because I was running an errand for my daughter. When my wife called me, she was upset that I had not come home and an argument ensued.

My wife took this opportunity to violate the rules of not picking and following her diet that I had set for her. She knew that we would be upset with each other for the evening and she would feel justified using her safe word to avoid punishment for her transgressions. So she picked and broke her diet without fear of punishment.

When I came home, I said something that she did not expect and that would be the realization of her worst fears. I said "I'm sorry for what I had done". The look in her face was priceless as I then questioned if she had picked or violated her diet today. She said yes and that she would have felt justified using her safe word if I had not apologized as I did.

I commanded her to stand before me and pull her shorts around her knees. I placed two clamps attached by a 8 inch chain to the lips of her vagina. I pushed her onto the side of the bed with her toes just touching the floor. I spanked her with my hand, the strap and a very thick paddle until she was writhing from the pain. I had her stand up before me and I removed the clamps and chain. I then placed a collar and leash on her. I lead her to the office where she was looking on the internet earlier and had some things she wanted to show me. I took her comfortable chair away and placed the hard leather chair in its stead. I made her sit in the leather chair with her shorts around her knees (no underwear) as I held to the leash firmly so she felt its pull on her neck. She proceeded to show me some new things about the Explorer software. After about 15 minutes of surfing, I asked her if she was wet from the spanking. She said "I don't know" in a meek humiliated voice. I touched her Vagina and felt that it was still saturated from the spanking. I told her to sit up straight in the chair as we continued to look at the computer. The expression on her face showed her discomfort. After approximately 5 minutes, I took off the leash and collar (I expected company soon) and we stood up to leave the office. I commanded my wife to look at the wet spot she made on the leather chair. I made her clean up the mess with a kleenex.

A few minutes later, company arrived.

We had sex on the floor of the bedroom as our company made themselves at home in our living room.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

She Wanted to Be Bad Today

Today she wanted to be a bad girl. She violated a daily rule (not to pick at her face) that I had placed upon her. She knew that the violation of a rule is always severe as they are put in place for her well-being and are not to be taken lightly.

I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up some ginger root for her punishment. I found her in the bedroom when I got home and I commanded her to pull her pants down and come into the living room. I had her lay over the arm of a padded easy chair so that her bottom was facing at a 45 degree angle. I spanked her with the strap and my hand until her bottom was bright red. I then had her remain laying over the arm of the chair as I fashoned a butt plug out of the ginger root. I placed the root in her bottom for 15 minutes and held it in place as she pouted and whined almost to tears.

After her punishment, she wanted to use the computer and internet. I allowed her only to use the uncomfortable leather chair (not the comfortable fabric chair she likes to use) where she had to sit with her naked bottom touching the hard leather. She fidgetted as she felt the leather against her warm and sore bottom. She was still filling the sting of being figged.

Later that evening, she decided to throw two ice cubes at me and said that I was an evil bastard. I grabbed her by the arm, pushed her over the back of the leather chair and spanked her already bruised bottom until she could no longer stand the stinging. I then made her pick up the ice cubes and place them in the sink in the kitchen. She was a good girl for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Her First Day of DD

On this day, my wife and I realized a deeper experience with DD and BDSM. This is truly an exciting time for me as I have always felt the need to be controling and have longed for a submissive to fulfill my desires. I have been lucky enough to find such a woman who is beautiful and intelligent. I am documenting our experiences so that we may always remember them as they were when they happened.

This day, my wife wanted to obey me. I have previously made her obey through the use of spanking with my hand, paddle, flogger, strap, etc.. I had also used humiliation as a tool to acheive this. Today however was different. She was non-hesitant in her obedience as I commanded her. It may have been partly due to the consistant punishment she was receiving for disobedience. Her realization that I would not waver when she needed discipline. This desire to obey is a major breakthrough for us and will require considerable effort to nurture. This strong-willed woman requires a very firm hand indeed.

Earlier, she had violated a comand while I was away. In preparation,
I commanded her to pull her shorts down around her ankles and wait for me to get home. When I got home, I commanded her to stand in front of me as I asked her questions in which she responeded "yes sir" and "no sir". To insure she would be obedient; I tested her by having her face away from me, bend over and spread her bottom with her hands exposing herself. This has proven to be very humiliating and a good test of her mindset. When I allowed her to walk away, she stepped out of her shorts. I immediately called her back to me and told her that I did not tell her she may remove her shorts. I made her get down on all fours and stick her bottom out. I then spanked her with my hand and she yelped from the sting. I had her place her shorts back around her knees. I placed a large leather chair in front of a very large full-body mirror. I placed a collar and leash on her and lead her to the chair. I made her place her knees on the chair and face the chair back as I tied the leash to one of the wooden arms. Her bottom was toward the mirror and I made her watch as I spanked her with a paddle, strap, wooden spatula and my hand. Her bottom became red and welted from the punishment. I then commanded her to stand before me and answer questions with "yes sir" or "no sir" to insure she would obey.

She was a good girl for the rest of the evening.